“Through Karen’s coaching, I learned to prioritize my values and see them as markers that can guide me through any situation. Her teachings extended beyond the professional and into my day-to-day life. I feel more organized, confident in myself, and content in my work and personal life!”

Jesús Alejandre

(He/Him/His | Why Pronouns Matter) Program Coordinator , Adventure Risk Challenge

“Through coaching with Karen I have more clarity about my values that drive my choices. I am also more aware of my behaviors and realize that I do have choices and am now making choices that fit with my values.”

Testimonial by Denne Babbin-Simon

Owner of San Soma– Tranquility by Massag

Coaching with Karen has allowed me to confront head on the everyday stressors that, in the past I had circled around or not addressed. I have greatly improved my work life balance and feel more energized and ready to confront the challenges of the day.

Testimonial by Will Fassett

Program Director of Adventure Risk Challenge

My biggest take away, truly, was the awareness piece and giving myself permission to NOT try and accomplish everything I felt I needed to do right this minute. Giving myself permission to hold back on working as much helped me to recognize what my true values are. Karen’s guidance has fostered a new way to live my life
Testimonial by Jane Flavin

Executive Director of Live Violence Free

“Since participating in coaching with Karen I manage my time and priorities significantly better. I have a healthy balance between my work and personal life. My communication with important people has improved even with difficult issues. I have also learned not to criticize myself and be gentler on myself.”
Testimonial by Sarah Ottley

Executive Director of ARC

“Karen with Thrive Coaching has a remarkable natural ability backed with her training to take professionals to the next leadership level. She truly engages her clients and leads them successfully into their future”.

Testimonial by Shannon Harris

Director, Carson Valley Swim Center

Testimonial by Alissa Nourse

Founder of Ninja Courage.

I really appreciated Karen’s approach. Her style is direct and impactful and I gained a lot from her in a short amount of time. She coached me through a professionally challenging time, and effectively helped me frame my learnings and next steps so I could progress from that moment. Thank you, Karen!

Testimonial by Meg Jakubowski

National Director of Education, NatureBridge

Through coaching, Karen helped me transform my approach to time management and work life balance.  I reduced my stress and improved my confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as my internal commitment to change. Since coaching, I feel more positive about what’s possible!

Testimonial by Kaela Frank

Academic Year Program Manager, Adventure Risk Challenge