Mental Fitness is your capacity for handling life challenges in a positive mindset rather than in a negative mindset. This is extremely important! Strong Mental Fitness teaches you how to control your mind with consistent practice. Mental Fitness along with coaching will help you sustain what you have learned. You will be more successful, have peace of mind, wellness, healthy relationships and will be happy. Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Are you like a honeybee or a mosquito? They are both busy. The honeybee is using his strong emotional thoughts to make food for his community and creating flowers. A leader who is like the honeybee is inspired, laser focused, happy, strategically busy and has healthy relationships. Is this you?

The mosquito leaves blood and pain behind and carries malaria. The mosquito lets his negative thoughts of fear, anger, guilt, and anxiety control his actions, and is a workaholic who unlike the honeybee is busy but with a negative mindset. Is this you?

Leaders who let their negative thoughts keep them busy drive them by their wants and worry. They are unhappy, do not have strong relationships and are overwhelmed.

Only 20% of people live up to their true potential.  

Busy leaders with a positive mindset are fulfilled. Their positive lives are focused on relationships and connections with others. They also work at peak performance with more ease and flow.

Do you ever wake up at 3:00a.m. worried about a difficult meeting you need to have with an employee, or do you feel overwhelmed by the never-ending list of priorities you need to accomplish?

After being an Executive Director for over 32 years I can absolutely relate to both questions. I found my negative thoughts often kept me up at night way too frequently. I often felt I was not doing enough so I became a workaholic! This led to burn out and was not good for my health or for my family. It is a terrible feeling to not be able to turn off those negative thoughts in your brain.  Redirecting your thoughts often only works for a brief time but is never the solution. They always return.

This sounds depressing but there is good news! You can train your brain to let go of those negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones giving you the freedom to be happier, more successful, and have healthy relationships by learning to train your brain. What is even more incredible is there is scientific evidence to back up this solution.

After working with Shirzad Chamine, a New York Times bestselling author of “Positive Intelligence,” a Stanford lecturer who conducted a comprehensive 500,000 global study, I can show you how to significantly increase your productivity and overall happiness. I provide significant value to my clients by providing them leadership coaching along with Mental Fitness Training. Call me so you can begin to take control and learn to be at peak performance, calm and happy. Continue to follow me as I share how Mental Fitness works by sustaining what you learn. 

Are you a struggling leader who wants to advance or are you a leader who feels overwhelmed and overworked? Leadership Coaching and Mental Fitness training will change your life. You will be happier, more successful and feel as though you are in control. 

This program is versatile and helps with the many challenges that we all face no matter if you are a leader or a stay at home mom. Look over my website and sign up for a free 45-minute coaching session. I will continue to share additional information on Coaching/Mental Fitness training and how it can make a difference in your life in my twice monthly blogs.

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