I have over 32 years of experience working as a leader in nonprofit organizations in both California and Nevada. My expertise and passion provide nonprofit leaders and their board of directors skills on developing a successful, sustainable, and well-respected organization whose mission drives them to provide quality services to their community.

I am enthusiastic and skilled in assisting boards in recruiting new executive directors, providing inexperienced executive directors with guidance and skills necessary to be a leader. I also help existing executive directors who are struggling with numerous challenges.


I have expertise in the following areas:

Strength-Based Leadership Development

  • Highly respected/sought after by community leaders
  • Organizational leadership culture
  • Positive staff morale

Program Development

  • Creates Community Impact
  • Creates Individual/Family Change

Teaching Coaching Techniques to Staff

  • Confidence/success with difficult conversations
  • Improved communication/listening skills

Staff Management

  • Cohesive/Team Environment
  • Individual/Agency Success

Self-Care Management for all Staff

  • Improved Physical/Emotional Health
  • Increased Production/Less Sick Time Taken
  • Increased Positive Energy with Less Stress

Succession Planning

  • Fully implemented emergency succession plan
  • Agency policies are accurate/complete
  • Individual operating plans for each program
  • Succession plans for each program
  • Board understands their role in succession planning

Donor Development

  • Successful donor management program
  • Donors feel respected/appreciated
  • Increased donor development

Volunteer Leadership

  • Successful recruitment strategy
  • Volunteers feel respected/appreciated
  • Successful/dynamic volunteer base
  • Minimal turnover of volunteers

If your organization needs assistance with one or more of these areas, contact me. We have numerous packages to meet your agency and budget needs.