Who are my clients and Niches

I coach both men and women who are leaders in non-profit organizations or in small to medium size businesses. One of my passions is working with leaders who are enthusiastic about social justice issues such as child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Helping others find and strengthen their desires through leadership development and collaboration is both rewarding and exciting for me as a coach, no matter what the business might be. Supporting others by helping them recognize their strengths and finding that life balance is important for everyone.

I also enjoy working with individuals who are struggling when facing retirement. By asking powerful questions and exploring their values I assist clients in finding success after retirement by facing their fears and planning for their future. I support them to find their solutions so their future can be bright and fulfilling and they can enter the next chapter of their life with gusto and excitement!

Many of us find it challenging to live a healthy life style while maintaining a career and or caring for a family. Sometimes we need support to make changes that will help us have a healthy and fulfilling life. I love being connected to others and truly get excited when I see that glimmer in a person’s eyes when they are successful in making healthy choices. 

If any of these challenges resonate with you, I can be that person to help you find your voice, just contact me.